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Custom Shopify store
for sustainable underwear
brand, Nudea

UX Design
Web Design
Web Development

Nudea, having recently refined their brand with the creative expertise of Studio Vesna, approached us to transform their digital flagship store. The goal was to create a Shopify 2.0 website that not only showcased their elevated brand identity but also enhanced user experience and maximised e-commerce performance. Our task was to reimagine Nudea's online presence, prioritising brand prominence while strategically optimising for increased conversion rates and higher average order values.

The outcome is a breathtaking Shopify 2.0 website that offers Nudea unparalleled flexibility and control over their digital storefront. The redesign has has also seen significant improvements in both conversion rates and overall e-commerce performance.

+ 27%

Improvement in conversion rate

+ 55%

Increase in AOV

+ 21%

Order uplift


Our development team meticulously integrated the required Shopify apps, ensuring they work harmoniously within Nudea’s Shopify environment. We applied custom styling to each integration, guaranteeing that the third-party software blends seamlessly with the overall design and brand identity of the site.

Mobile Experience

At Dash, we recognise the critical importance of mobile optimisation in today’s e-commerce landscape. With over 75% of Nudea's traffic originating from mobile devices, delivering a seamless mobile experience was paramount. We meticulously optimised every element of Nudea’s site to ensure a frictionless mobile user journey. From intuitive navigation to fast-loading pages and responsive design, we crafted a mobile experience that caters to the needs and expectations of modern shoppers.

"Dash were instrumental in upgrading our website. Not only did they visually execute our vision for a fresh modern redesign they had some really useful UX improvements along the way. Dash helped to upgrade our Shopify website to 2.0 which has massively increased speed and improved customer journey on our website."

Priya Downes     /     Founder + CEO